Unlock Your Athletic Potential: The Secret to Optimal Performance Lies in Your Pillow

Unlock Your Athletic Potential: The Secret to Optimal Performance Lies in Your Pillow

Striving to reach new heights in your athletic performance?

Whether you’re training for a triathlon, perfecting your weightlifting technique, aiming to conquer a marathon — or just want to be in the most amazing shape of your life, your sleep quality plays an oversized role in your fitness optimization success.

An important component to achieving peak performance may be one you hardly think about: your pillow.

And yet the quality and comfort of your sleep has a massive impact on your overall performance. Your pillow, despite its compact size, accounts for at least one-third of your overall sleep performance. (Easily more, if it continuously interferes with hitting full recovery.)

That’s why the Parallel Pillow is your ultimate tool to optimize athletic performance through better sleep.

Here are a few considerations you owe it to yourself to dig into, whatever pillow you choose.

Heightened Importance of Sleep for Athletes

As an athlete, you push your body to its limits day after day. But did you know that the key to unlocking your full potential lies not only in your training regimen but also in your recovery?

Recovery is when you rebuild stronger and replenish your body and mind in prepping for the next challenges you’ll throw their way. Quality, consistently restorative sleep is essential for athletic performance, as it allows your body to recover, repair, and rebuild after intense physical activity.

The Parallel Pillow: Your Competitive Game-Changer

You simply can’t afford to waste your available sleep time. It’s a non-renewable resource.

Even one sketchy night will throw you off, mess up your rhythm — and blow a completion. We’ve designed the Parallel Pillow to be the ultimate sleep companion for anyone striving for athletic excellence. (Or regular folks just wanting to feel great while becoming ever more fit.)

Layers of material and ultra-soft fill of amazing Parallel Pillow

Here’s why the Parallel Pillow stands out as the best choice for optimizing athletic performance:

Sculptable Support for Enhanced Recovery

The Parallel Pillow features your “BFF”, the remarkable 3-part hybrid fill that makes it easy to sculpt and shape for perfect support, regardless of your sleep position. Remove some, or add more (we ship extra fill for free) to perfectly cradle your head and neck.

This infinitely adjustable support ensures your neck and spine are optimally aligned during sleep, for faster recovery and to minimize the risk of injuries associated with less than optimum sleeping posture and lost recovery time.

Nothing perfectly cradles and supports your neck like a Parallel Pillow. We guarantee it.

Optimal Thermal Regulation for Maximum Rebuilding

Athletes often struggle with regulating their body temperature during sleep, especially following an intense workout. Non-athletes’ bodies tend to cool in preparation for sleep.

Our bodies require a drop in body temperature between one and three degrees to fall asleep. But post-exercise, athletes go the other way, experiencing heightened body temperature.

The Parallel Pillow’s uber-soft TENCEL™ cover wicks moisture better than bamboo, polyester, synthetics or cotton and our BluTech Fusion Fill delivers double the airlflow of conventional pillow fills. The result is temperature-neutral sleep, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night — without waking up shivering and messing with your finely tuned circadian rhythm.

Only by sustaining your perfect sleep temperature, year-round, can you consistently achieve restorative REM sleep.

So you wake up feeling energized and primed to crush your next training session.

Eco-Friendly Design for Inner Peace

As athletes, we understand the importance of environmental sustainability. That's why we craft every Parallel Pillow with sustainable, eco-friendly materials inside and out, including recycled microfiber and foam components that give it CertiPUR and USDA Certified Biobased Product recognition.

Our amazing TENCEL outer cover is made from sustainably sourced fibers, and the downy component of our BFF is spun from the upcycled material of up to 23 plastic bottles.

With the Parallel Pillow, you can rest easy knowing that your sleep program aligns with your commitment to a healthier planet.

ParaPur™ Technology for Enhanced Hygiene

Hygiene is paramount for you as an athlete, especially when it comes to your sleep environment. Staying healthy is among your highest priorities — and keeping you that way is one of ours.

But as an athlete, you constantly push your immune system to the brink. That's why we equip every Parallel Pillow with our revolutionary ParaPur™ technology, a self-refreshing barrier that kills 99.89% of microbes in just 59 minutes and sustains its remarkable performance for the life of your pillow. Naturally and without nasty chemicals. 

ParaPur effectively stops bacteria, viruses, dust mites and spores. Microbes that occupy and thrive in conventional pillows. 

You deserve a clean, hygienic sleep sanctuary — and a pillow that protects you from disgusting threats to your nighttime wellbeing.

A Better Pillow = Better Performance

Clearly, a premium-quality pillow is an investment not only in your sleep quality and nighttime restoration but in your overall athletic performance. And the Parallel Pillow offers unmatched comfort, support, and hygiene, ensuring that you get the restorative sleep you depend on to perform at your best.

Don’t let less than optimal sleep hold you back from reaching your goals — upgrade to the Parallel Pillow and unlock your full athletic potential.

Crush Your Recovery. And Your Athletic Goals

The Parallel Pillow is so much more than just an beautiful, huggable sleep product; it really is a game-changer for athletes seeking to optimize their performance through better sleep.

With its infinite adjustability, sculptable support, temperature-neutral engineering, eco-friendly materials, and advanced hygiene technology, the Parallel Pillow is the ultimate tool to recover effectively, prevent injuries, and achieve your athletic goals.

Your performance and recovery run parallel to how well you sleep.

Restore and rebuild stronger than ever with a Parallel Pillow.

Buy yours now below!


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