Project outputs

This twelve-month project is mainly conceived of as a capacity building, networking, awareness raising and knowledge exchange based project but it is important that clearly defined outputs are also delivered. The outputs from this project are envisaged as follows:

  • A strong and sustainable network of SSH researchers from both the UK and Japan focused on DPS as well as a growing and sustainable interest in the field amongst Japanese SSH researchers. This will be evidenced by participation in the field visits and contributions to the virtual network.
  • Greater inclusion of PWD in the project from the outset. This will include the involvement in the formulation of the briefing paper and participation in the policy forum in Japan, and contributions to knowledge sharing in the UK.
  • A guide to undertaking research with PWD and DPS. This guide will be available open access and published on the project website
  • A short film documenting the knowledge exchange activities undertaken over the twelve-month period. Uploaded to the project website and shared via social media.
  • A virtual network, represented by a project website with contributions from all academic beneficiaries and non-academic stakeholders (in the form of guest blog posts).
  • Submission of a co-authored academic publication reflecting on the social impact of the Paralympics across different cultural contexts
  • A collaboratively written (by both UK and Japanese partners with input from other key stakeholders) large interdisciplinary and longitudinal funding application to allow for the implementation of the collaboratively composed research plans to be carried out in the lead up to, during and after the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Beyond the detailed outputs described here, it is expected that in developing and strengthening the network, additional, unintended outputs would be produced. These might relate to new partnerships, additional research ideas and additional pathways to impact. Developing strong trusting relationships between the partners is essential to exploit these additional opportunities.