Yuta Saito (Hokkaido College of Sports and Medicine)

We spent a week in Tokyo in order to discuss how to research for it, what we should present about legacy at symposium, and about 2020 itself. There were three things that surprised me about this project in Tokyo. First of all, Tokyo still has a lot of issues to overcome to become barrier free.

There are still issues with transportation, and traffic in Tokyo. People in Tokyo are so busy including the many people with disabilities who are working in Tokyo. However, there are many steps everywhere, and stairs in Tokyo, even in public spaces such as stations, parks, and roads. Secondly, we couldn’t check sports programmes easily in Tokyo. I think there are many players, and managers in Tokyo with some projects of 2020 Olympics and Paralympics because Tokyo has a lot of budget for it.

However, I couldn’t see any facilities, clubs, and players in the city even in downtown. I want to see them everywhere in Tokyo, so I’m really interested in where they are living with sports side with big events in 2020. Finally, the biggest surprise for me is mind for inclusion systems. Most people who are working in government in Tokyo are thinking about that “we must success BIG EVENTS in 2020” such as organizing for facilities, competitions, and
something like that. However, there is not enough accessibility for people with disabilities. I think people in japan will have to judge that “there is not enough accessibility” with preparing the big events because of legacy. I think we often compare similar things in same group, but we shouldn’t do that if we want success on the social side with the big events.

It’s my opinion; comparison is business side or politics side. We must support each other if we want to make successful many things with big events. For example, if the budget is rising up with the big events, it is so good thing for people with disabilities. However, some people say for it that “why do you use the budget for bad things because the budget is not for that”. I know what it means, but we have to focus on legacy side for our future. We don’t need fall out each other in politics and businesses.

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