Tadashi Watari – Juntendo University, Tokyo

The most impressive part of this trip to England was the enthusiasm for the project for all participants. Especially at the sessions at Coventry University on the first and second days, it was great that all the participants listened to each other’s presentations with respect.

As I was not very confident in speaking in English, I had a hard time making the presentation slides, and I was really nervous about the 20-minute presentation and the 10-minute questions and answers. The last lunch did not taste much. However, when I actually made a presentation, I felt very happy that everyone was interested and was able to have some confidence in English communication. I think it would be nice if all participants could get a little idea about the research situation in Japan for sport for people with disability.

In the actual argument, of course, as a whole, I think that both Japanese and British participants were not monoliths, and I think there were differences in what they thought and what they wanted to achieve. But such differences are, in a sense, a matter of course. However, such discrepancies are inherent in the activities of creating projects, and it was probably understood by everyone that the argument for overcoming them is important. The photo I chose is one such scene. I took a scene of discussing each towards a certain goal.

By the way, along with research exchanges, I really liked British pub culture very much, and I was looking forward to the experience of drinking good beer at the pub. I could hardly go to the pub on this trip, but on the third night I was able to go to the pub in Coventry with David, Hanae and Yuta. I was able to have a pleasant talk about British and Japanese sports culture, mega-sports events and what university should be, etc., while drinking a little lukewarm ale beer little by little. We were able to speak a lot of things during these off hours.

Of course, I can remember various things such as landscapes and towns different from Japan, and tours of various facilities at Worcester University. However, although the research backgrounds are different, I remember that it was most meaningful to have been able to discuss the Paralympic Games in the UK and Japan and disability sports. Looking back now, the scene of such a pleasant discussion comes to mind. Thanks to everyone, I was able to spend a great time. I look forward to conducting research together in the future.

Finally, I would like to especially thank Ian for organizing the whole.

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