Yuta Saito – Hokkaido College of Sports and Medicine, Japan

First of all, I didn’t know that UK has been straggling with sports environment for people with disabilities since London Paralympic in 2012. In fact, most Japanese have understood that the 2012 London Paralympic made the greatest Paralympic games since then. Also, we believe the events made better things for people with disabilities in UK automatically. However, at this project, I recognized that people with disabilities in UK are in trouble with social issues with sports such as insurance system, law, and policies.

Secondly, I couldn’t recognize how we can relate Paralympic legacy with some programmes for people with disabilities such as “Sports”, “Education”, and “Society”. One of them seemed like to focus on just one thing, but the each thing was affected to change by many other things I thought. I want to try to see how differences individual side and social side are. I think policies were made by social issues. Then, the social issues were made by aggregate data from each individual issue on life on society. Therefore, if we want to see and evaluate the social side, I think we have to focus on individual issues such as life of people with disabilities, programmes, and events.

Next, we have to think about meaning of “inclusion”. During this project, I could check many “things” and “systems” for people with disabilities such as sports programmes and education programmes in UK. Like that, we should try to make many things for the “inclusion” beyond 2020 Paralympic I thought. I was thinking about how to evaluate the inclusion while we are having discussion time. After I got back home, I thought inclusion is “concept” of society; it isn’t “things” or even “systems”. This means that there are possibilities the “things” and “systems” weren’t made by social concept side with Paralympic legacy such as just policies, just public awareness, and just budgets. Therefore, we need to evaluate the “things” and “systems” with social concept side first. However, we can get many answers and data from how the things have been going on actually, so we can make planning to research from both ways for social side.

What is the “ability” as a society? I have been thinking about the question. Now, “ability” is based on business in our society. It’s in my opinion. When I’m in Paralympic sports in japan, we are always talking about “ableism”. However, I think we need to focus on the reasons of it. We are selected for society with ability of the business by our society. Even if politics or policies, and things like that for society, it’s based on the business mostly I guess. Which means that if you are joining our society, you are automatically evaluated how you can make money with your ability. This system of “ability” has made good evaluating and competing systems for our society and individual, but this is the biggest problem for people with disabilities because our society with the business has been made by majority because it’s better for the business. I think the business system doesn’t have the “inclusion” because business is system, so it’s going to be biggest barrier to make the “inclusion”. I think it will probably be bigger issue for the making environments for people with disabilities our future.

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