Hanae Endo – Waseda University/ Nippon Foundation Paralympic Research Group, Tokyo

During this program, I felt again the possibility of developing Paralympic/disability sports research. Absolutely, “Research on disability sports is intersection”. As I conducted the researches on the disability sport event legacy in developing countries, so the reports on event legacy and leverage were very interesting. Also it is very interesting to know the point of view and the latest research other than the policy research I specialize in, and I think that it will be applied to my research in the future.

In view of the situation in Japan where the studies specifically focused on the Paralympics are apparently yet to be better deepened and widened. So far, research on disability sports in Japan has been accumulated in natural sciences such as rehabilitation. The decision to host the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games has increased interest in the Paralympic Games and disability sports, but it has been pointed out that academic accumulation is insufficient. In particular, there are very few studies that critically considered disability sports and the Paralympic Games. what is the significance of promoting disability sports? In what ways does their promotion have the same significance as the promotion of sports for people without disabilities, and in what ways is it different? The answers to these questions are not entirely identified. That is why it is very interesting to proceed with this research. I think that is the field of research full of possibilities and expectations. I hope that the participants of this project will further promote this research by making use of their respective expertise.

The biggest things I got from this project is the network of all participants. I’m really grateful to be able to build connections with people who can collaborate in the future. For early career researchers like me, such interaction between researchers is a very valuable opportunity. In Japan, there are still few human resources who are researching for the Paralympic Games and disability sports, and I think the collaboration between researchers is most important to deepen these research. I think that the policy implications of this new knowledge for different countries and different Paralympic Games host cities will be revealed through this project. As for me, I expect researchers interested in the Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) field to participate in this project.

I hope that we will be able to gather forces with other researchers to contribute to the development of studies on the Paralympics in Japan/UK also in the world at large.

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